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Architects Building Peace features the best stories of architects and engineers, from around the world, who have had the courage to leave the well worn path and getting involved. Of architects who have never stopped training to be able to realize their dream: to help the poorest and disadvantaged communities in building better living conditions, and to help them become more resilient in case of natural disasters or wars; and to do it by themselves, with their own means, culture and technology.


The works featured in Architects Building Peace are extraordinary, generous, touching, but also irreverent, outside the lines and rebellious; but most importantly, they are all able to really improve people's lives in a sustainable and, even inspiring way!


I believe these stories are worth being told, and we can only do it with your help!

So please, share this project, spread the word, and help us bring Architects Building Peace into as many hands as possible.




Only the best socially committed, humanitarian architecture.

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reBuilding the Future: Culture

Sustainable architecture, fostering culture


Boundaries #17


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